Category: Weekly Health Tips

5 Ways to Burn Off Thanksgiving Dinner Calories

With mashed potatoes, stuffing, pies and other desserts around, it’s easy to overdo it on Thanksgiving. If you end up eating more than you planned, there are several ways to burn off those extra calories and avoid putting… Read More

10 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds Before the Holidays

Many of us are hoping not to put on too much weight before we start another new year.  An even better goal would be to take 10 pounds off before all the great parties and family gatherings begin…. Read More

Top 6 Outdoor Training Ideas for Fall

There is nothing quite like taking your training outdoors on a beautiful summer day —except maybe working out on a calm and inviting fall day. Outdoors, you’ll find no gym membership is required and you’re welcome 24 hours… Read More

Get Pumped For Fresh August Produce

With increasingly unbearable temperatures and end of the summer anxiety setting in, August presents a number of distractions and excuses for you to neglect your healthy lifestyle regimen. Luckily, we can get excited about a variety of late… Read More

Tips for Toning Your Arms

Summer isn’t over yet, so you’ll still be able to show off your arms in tank tops, swimsuits and sundresses for a while. If your arms could use a bit of toning, there are several ways to get… Read More

Game Your Way to Health (without Extra Equipment!)

With the Summer sun bringing the heat like never before, many of us are sacrificing outdoor activity for indoor gaming and media absorption. Fear not, as you can game-ify your leisure time and push yourself to work out… Read More

5 Best Outdoor Activities to Get You Into Shape This Summer

Beautiful, sunny weather inspires us to get outside and get in shape. Luckily, there are plenty of summertime sports ideal for weight loss. Instead of killing yourself for hours on end in the gym, seeking activity outside can optimize your… Read More

Three Lifestyle Trends for a Fit and Healthy Summer

As spring draws to a close, everyone looks forward to the sunny days and seemingly endless nights of summer. With that happy anticipation comes anxiety over getting our bodies physically fit and ready for swimsuit season. If you… Read More

Using Daylight Savings to Help Jumpstart Your Exercise Program

While some people are complaining about losing the hour during Daylight Savings, take this opportunity to jumpstart your spring exercise campaign. Did you know that there are several benefits to exercising in the morning? Working-up a sweat in… Read More