Caloric Intake Calculator

8 Tips to Get Past a Plateau

Curious how many calories you should be eating while taking Healthé Trim? Use the Healthé Trim daily caloric intake calculator to estimate how many calories are required to achieve your goals. Calculations are based off of body weight and height, age, gender and exercise level.

If you are interested in calculating your ideal daily caloric intake visit our Coach Site:

To help you overcome those plateaus, here’s 8 things you can do:

  1. Monitor body fat, not just scale weight
  2. Recalculate your calorie requirements
  3. Get meticulous with your diet
  4. Check your exercise routine / activity levels
  5. Change up your cardio exercise and intensity
  6. Add in resistance and weight training
  7. Kick start your metabolism: Eat More
  8. Eat more frequently.